The guardians of brand identity

Brand identity and how your brand interacts and engages with its audience are paramount. We are sticklers for detail, brand colours must appear exactly as they are in the visual identity guidebook. Brand guidelines have to be maintained wherever they’re used, whether it’s in print, instore, in the office, at an event or trade show. No matter the medium, no matter the location, no matter the country.

Our expertise in visual branding is extensive and over decades. We have guided and guarded the branding of many household names in Europe and the United States. It’s because we have worked with hundreds of brands that it’s second nature to us.

Introducing our new brand advisers

Realising the full potential of your brand is a full-time job. Sometimes, it’s so much, you can lose sight of all the objectives and touchpoints. Van Straaten offers a new service to help solve this problem: brand advisers. Our expert brand advisers provide objective advice, or a second opinion, by determining both the potential of the brand and your needs. This can be everything from a POS package to a whole new office refit. When the needs have been evaluated, the brand adviser can then connect you with the perfect project or account manager within Van Straaten to execute the plan. If a trade show is needed, the brand adviser will also arrange one of our exhibition partners, to take the load off your shoulders.

Conceive it

It all starts with a great idea how to reach customers, and how to let them have a personal experience in a retail environment.

Believe it

Once the idea has been born, the next step is to work out all details, deciding what approach is the best for maximum brand engagement.

Achieve it

After the right strategy is chosen, the final step is to convert all ideas into tangible visual elements that will contribute to a maximum store experience.