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VS - WALLFLEX 500 - B1 


This is a woven material with a PVC coating. The entire surface area is printable and the material is inserted into a plastic frame in just one piece, without the need for seams or any further sewing. This material is ideal for interior applications (as part of a renovation project, for example) and allows you to immediately transform an entire wall or ceiling. The result? A sleek solution that uses prints to really bring spaces to life. The material has unique characteristics too: it is flame-retardant, mould-resistant and it can be used acoustically and in combination with LED lighting.

Print Technique:

Textile-UV, UV Durst Rho 512 8 Colours 800 dpi

Width in centimeters:

Available in widths of 320 cm, 420 cm and 510 cm

Weight per m2:

280 g/m2


This material is used on perfectly smooth walls that enhance the brand experience. Two choices are possible: it can be glued in place or, if more flexibility is needed, VS-WallFlex can be secured to an invisible plastic frame.

Fire resistant:

B1. What makes this material unique is the fact that certification has been granted not just for the textile, but for the textile & ink combination too. You can download the certificates of this material here.


This print media can be glued or be neatly mounted on the wall using plastic frames.


The material is flame-retardant and has been certified for the ink & material combination. It is ideal for use in humid spaces for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that the material is mould-resistant.


Office walls, conference rooms, restaurants and institutions. The material is moisture- and mold resistant.


CeilTex, WallTex