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22 August 2018

Van Straaten introduces myLEDGO, a revolutionary display system that combines top-quality visuals with high-end LED technology.

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Visual branding voor topmerken op internationale autobeurs
12 March 2018

This year the show attracted over 540,000 visitors. This January, the Van Straaten Group and the leading Belgian stand builder Conceptexpo provided the decoration for the impressive show stands for Porsche, Audi and Ferrari.

3 November 2017

Van Straaten Deutschland is proud to announce the opening of our second German office. As of November 1st, Michael Ermert will be in charge of the new Cologne office. From this location, we aim to serve both exhibition builders and shop-fitters in...

Interieur/Architectuur, Standbouw
12 September 2017

The supply of our inner cities is ineffective. This also applies to the world of events, where many steps can be taken towards a more effective supply chain, leading to smarter cities. Who takes the lead?

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22 June 2017

On June 13 and June 20 Van Straaten organised the first CoCreation 2020 sessions for the events & exhibitions industry. In two highly interactive meetings personal experiences, knowledge and doubts were exchanged about a theme we are all concerned...

Events, Exhibitions, Print Media, Services
30 May 2017

beMatrix, designer and manufacturer of modular solutions for stand building, events and displays and visual branding specialist Van Straaten have recently entered a partnership. As part of this partnership, Van Straaten has become the preferred...

22 May 2017

On June 1, 2017 Van Straaten will completely eliminate all materials that contain PVC from their production facilities. This is the next logical step towards making the industry of visual branding a sustainable one.

Presentation Solutions, Print Media, PVC-UV, Retail, Specials, Textile-sublimation
5 May 2017

In almost every shopping street, and in almost every shop I visit, I see the same thing happening. No ambiance in- and outside the store, unpacked boxes in the aisles and when I want to purchase something specific it’s out of stock. It sometimes...

Eyecatchers, Frames, Interior/Architecture, Presentation Solutions, Retail, Slimframes, Specials, Structures, Visual Magnetics
14 April 2017

Van Straaten, specialist for innovative visual communications, will organise a new edition of Co-Creation 2020, a workshop series for retailers and shop marketers, on Tuesday 16 May. During this second edition of Co-Creation 2020 Van Straaten will...

Events, Eyecatchers, Presentation Solutions, Retail, Specials, Structures, Visual Magnetics
7 April 2017

Strong global brands have one thing in common. Whether you engage with them at a tradeshow, in one of their shops or at their events: their visual branding is strong, impressive and recognizable. They don’t compromise – only the best is good enough...

Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Retail, Services, Specials
9 March 2017

Flexibility to remain agile, sustainability to protect our planet and comfort as it's important to interact in healthy, comfortable environments. These 3 pillars are at the core of our business when it comes to visual branding. Important, but ... we...

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8 March 2017

Sustainability is not limiting the creation of overwhelming brand experiences. On the contrary, it's a great combination. Read more about this in the blog series by Niels van Straaten about the 4 pillars of visual branding. 

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7 March 2017

Part 2 in a series of blogs by Niels van Straaten about 4 important pillars in visual branding. Today: comfort. 

Events, Exhibitions, Eyecatchers, Frames, Interior/Architecture, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, Retail, Services, Slimframes, Specials, Structures, Textile-sublimation
6 March 2017

Day in, day out Van Straaten creates visual brand experiences for global brands. Flexibility, comfort, sustainability and brand experience are the most important elements in this business. During EuroShop 2017 Niels van Straaten covers each one of...

Events, Exhibitions, Eyecatchers, Frames, Interior/Architecture, Print Media, Slimframes, Specials, Structures, Textile-sublimation
16 February 2017

Van Straaten sets a new standard for stand construction. At EuroShop 2017, the largest retail trade show in the world, a wood-free stand of 390 cubic meters will be presented by the specialist in innovative visual communication. Niels van Straaten,...

31 January 2017

Aluvision, producer of modular systems for stand building, and visual branding specialist Van Straaten will work together to make the exhibitions industry more sustainable.

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16 January 2017

How would you feel walking in a violet coloured booth? Or a retail shop in a fluorescent green colour? There are many ways on creating visually attractive events, shops or booths, but choosing the right colours is decisive.

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Image B32 Alphen shop interior
23 November 2016

Shopper behaviour has completely changed in recent years. People can choose from many different sources to purchase products - the physical store is just one of the many possibilities. It is therefore more important than ever to offer the right...

Eyecatchers, Frames, Interior/Architecture, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, Retail, Slimframes, Visual Magnetics
26 October 2016

At a time when one after the other retailer shuts down, you are flooded with advice and strategies on how to make your company future-proof. Besides beacons, omni-channel strategies and other new technologies, there is one word that invariably...

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Colour Testing for Worldwide Branding
15 September 2016

Achieving a consistent brand experience worldwide is a lot of work. Your brand is the foundation of everything, which is why it’s important to consistently monitor the brand in all its forms and all its messages. How do you make sure that you always...

Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Retail
Rembrandt's Nachtwacht
2 August 2016

As part of the “Rembrandt Remastered” project, all of Rembrandt’s works have been digitally remastered and are being exhibited the world over. For the next three years, this prestigious collection will be on view in the largest shopping mall in...

27 July 2016

Van Straaten has had 750 solar panels mounted on the roof of its experience centre, production halls and offices near Schiphol Airport. The innovative visual communication specialist can now meet 48% of its energy requirements autonomously. The firm...

26 July 2016

Certainly, online has become more important for those in marketing. More and more, the power of offline contact seems to have been forgotten. Face-to-face interaction, making real contacts, quick conversions: online communications is a good addition...

Events, Eyecatchers, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions
OPEN32 Uden
13 July 2016

24-hour opening times are a common sight in metropolitans like Tokyo and New York. Grocery shopping, drinking coffee with friends, and running errands are not limited to daylight. This 'always open' economy is not a reality everywhere in the world,...

Events, Retail
CeilFlex™ spanplafonds en WallFlex™ wandbekleding
14 June 2016

Van Straaten, specialized in innovative visual branding solutions, introduces CeilFlex™ and WallFlex™, new textiles used to construct stretch ceilings and wall coverings in a quick and environmentally friendly way. The material is very suitable to...

Interior/Architecture, Print Media
Under Armour Interior Customized Signage
19 May 2016

Pop-up stores. Flexplaces. Temporary office space. The way people work, shop and live is becoming more flexible. It creates a demand for flexible interior that can easily be adjusted and is functional and atmospheric at the same time. Luckily, the...

Interior/Architecture, Retail, Visual Magnetics
28 April 2016

Blog about the power of visual communication with examples of powerful visual communication as applied by retailers as Leolux and Open32. This blog was published in April 2016 on the Dutch, leading retail website Retailwatching.

Interior/Architecture, Retail
Image Print Media
19 April 2016

Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, is launching a new type of for UV prints in width up to 5 metres. This material, which is called VS-Luxor 500 UV, is different to other textiles for UV-print because it’s highly white-...

Eyecatchers, Interior/Architecture, Lightboxes, Print Media, Retail, Structures, Textile-UV
19 April 2016

The pop-up store is a new and unusual way to be where your customer is without the cost and inflexibility of a normal store. A pop-up store can be created in a whim, anytime, anywhere. What are the advantages of pop-up shops for retailers? How do...

Eyecatchers, Interior/Architecture, Non-flexibel materials, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, PVC-UV, Retail, Visual Magnetics
Lean Mean Green Image
30 March 2016

Van Straaten has recently become the very first owner of the new Durst Rhotex 500 sublimation printer. Make no bones about it, the Rhotex 500 is big. A unique trade that naturally draws attention, but what does this development mean for stand...

Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Lightboxes, Print Media, Retail, Slimframes, Textile-sublimation
29 March 2016

Furniture manufacturer Leolux recently opened the new Leolux Design Center in Eindhoven. With assistance from Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual branding, the design showroom has undergone a complete metamorphosis in terms of visual...

Frames, Interior/Architecture, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Specials, Structures
Durst Rhotex 500 - the first 500 metre Dye Sublimation Printer in the world
7 March 2016

Van Straaten is proud to announce that it is now the owner of the latest breakthrough in sublimation printing – the Durst Rhotex 500. Durst developed this sublimation printer, capable of 5 m wide textiles, in close consultation with Van Straaten. Up...

Eyecatchers, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, PVC-UV, Services, Slimframes, Structures, Textile-sublimation, Textile-UV
Heytex Image Header Presse
7 March 2016

Van Straaten will be introducing a range of new 5 m wide print media, coinciding with the announcement of the new Durst Rhotex 500 – the world's largest sublimation printer – now being in production at Van Straaten. Van Straaten's specialists joined...

Exhibitions, Eyecatchers, Lightboxes, Print Media, PVC-UV, Services, Slimframes, Structures, Textile-sublimation
Image Grune Woche
4 March 2016

The largest sublimation printer in the world was recently installed in our production halls near Schiphol Airport. This because Van Straaten wants to continue to lead the way in the development of print innovations to allow our customers to produce...

Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Retail
Image Microsoft Cees Smit
23 February 2016

The most important week of the year is approaching. The event where your company will pull out all the stops to attract attention and generate new opportunities. A spectacular event is the beginning, but “only” a part of your entire marketing plan....

Events, Exhibitions, Eyecatchers, Presentation Solutions, Print Media
Product Image Visual magnetics
5 January 2016

The way consumers shop has changed: they do not come to the physical store anymore for the sheer convenience – they want inspiration, atmosphere, entertainment and experience. Mostly visual branding plays a big part in this, as it can create a real...

Christmas Shopping Image
10 December 2015

The December holidays are the perfect time for retailers to surprise the audience. Stores are increasingly going to extremes to attract the attention from the audience and to pull them into the store. In this blog three examples of retailers in the...

Eyecatchers, Presentation Solutions, Retail
instore visual branding image Van Straaten
1 December 2015

The retail industry in the Netherlands is lagging behind where innovation is concerned and is missing out on an important opportunity. With Visual Magnetics the retailer seduces the shopper, in an easy way, to make a purchase. 

Eyecatchers, Presentation Solutions, Retail, Visual Magnetics
Image sustainability at Van Straaten
28 November 2015

Sustainability has been a constant theme for many companies since the 1980s, when the effects of global warming became painfully clear. This is something that should be applauded, of course. However, sceptics point primarily to the...

Events, Interior/Architecture, Retail, Slimframes
Image Interior Solution Visual Narrative
14 November 2015

Our way of working and interacting changes constantly. Visual Magnetics could be the solution in transforming office walls into brainstorming tools. 

Interior/Architecture, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, PVC-UV, Visual Magnetics
Image Dog Design en Van Straaten Mariniersmuseum
14 October 2015

The Dog Design agency and Van Straaten have joined forces to transform the Netherlands Marine Corps Museum in Rotterdam into a life-size peep diorama. In the Expeditie Speurneus 2.0 family exhibition children become 'combat trackers' for the...

Events, Interior/Architecture, Non-flexibel materials, Print Media, Specials
Image Fire Safety
21 September 2015

Safety first. This ought to be the motto of each and every company. Fire safety is being taken too lightly in the world of visual communication. 


Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Retail, Services
Image Germany Netherlands
27 August 2015

Van Straaten continues to pursue its international expansion strategy. Van Straaten recently opened a branch office in Germany in order to gain better access to the business potential in the ‘DACH’ market comprising Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Retail, Services
Brandt Fernhout Wallprint Curved Wall with Display Dentist Practice.jpg
20 August 2015

Brandt + Fernhout and Van Straaten joined forces to develop and produce a unique concept for a new generation of children's dental practices. Brandt + Fernhout produced the design, after which Van Straaten supplied the colourful 23-metre long oval...

Interior/Architecture, Print Media, PVC-UV, Textile-sublimation, Textile-UV
Image B32 Alphen shop interior
1 August 2015

The webshop is here to stay. However, this does not mean that physical stores will disappear from the streetscape. Having said this, retailers do need to do more to attract the shopping public to their stores and then keep shoppers in them long...

Eyecatchers, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions
Image Print Media
30 July 2015

Van Straaten is introducing a completely new material for exhibition stands, interior decor projects and on the sales floor. Whiteback is a new type of textile that weighs just 250 grammes, consists of three layers and has a white-coated backing...

Print Media, Textile-UV
14 July 2015

Successful retailers must give more consideration to atmosphere, entertainment and experience by using eye-catching visual merchandising. This will put them in a position to attract shoppers into their stores and to persuade them to buy...

Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, Slimframes, Visual Magnetics
Image winkelstraat Den Haag
14 July 2015

Retailers are cautious about using visual in-store and out-store communication in their stores. This was revealed by qualitative market research that Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual branding held amongst 62 leading Dutch retail...

Eyecatchers, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Print Media, Retail, Services
image exhibition booth AMA by Oil at Provada by Van Straaten
16 June 2015

C2 Expo en Interieurbouw, oil communication agency, and Van Straaten joined forces to build a unique exhibition stand for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA). This stand was used at the PROVADA real estate exhibition at the Amsterdam RAI...

Exhibitions, Non-flexibel materials, Print Media, Specials, Textile-UV
Image OPEN 32 store Uden
1 June 2015

We recently carried out research among 62 retail organisations, asking them about innovations in the field of visuals and display. Our research revealed that presentation techniques are traditional and lacking in innovation in many cases. To me, ...

Visual Magnetics
Moteo Wintershow by Van Straaten
19 May 2015

Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, and the Moteo Group, an importer of motorbikes and mopeds, are strengthening their partnership. Their plan is to join forces to roll out a multi-visual concept for use on...

Events, Exhibitions, Frames, Print Media, Retail, Slimframes
11 May 2015

Van Straaten is introducing a completely new material for use at large outdoor events, summer festivals and also at events organised by the construction and property industries and estate agents: OutdoorBlack.

Events, Interior/Architecture, Print Media, PVC-UV, Retail, Textile-UV
Copyrights - Dutch Crowning Facade Covers Madame Tussauds Bureau Vollaerts Zwart
4 May 2015

City marketing is popular and city dressing is a perfect tool to use when implementing city marketing policy. The possibilities offered are endless. However, they are rarely utilised to the full. What a shame: the more unique city...

Events, Non-flexibel materials, Print Media, PVC-UV, Selfadhesive Vinyl, Services, Specials, Textile-sublimation, Textile-UV
Image Oranje
27 April 2015

The Netherlands is inseparable with the color orange. Van Straaten has been coloring stages, shops, streets and squares orange for years. The real orange, that is, of PMS 165.

Events, Print Media
Image VM Shelf
2 April 2015

Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, is launching the new Visual Magnetics VM-WALL and VM-SHELF display systems in the Dutch market. These products make it possible to change store interiors quickly, without using any...

Interior/Architecture, Presentation Solutions, Retail, Visual Magnetics
Image Wedeflex
21 February 2015

Today's event visitors are more difficult to impress. The ‘traditional’ exhibition stand, featuring a banner and a tray of free pens, is no longer enough to make a real impact. Fortunately, a whole range of innovative visual tools have now been...

Events, Eyecatchers, Lightboxes, Presentation Solutions, Print Media
Magnetic Display Retail Van Straaten
15 February 2015

A wide range of different designs are available and the plinth is very versatile.

Interior/Architecture, Presentation Solutions, Retail, Visual Magnetics
Image Team Brunel
3 June 2014

Van Straaten is pleased to be able to offer Team Brunel its support at the next Volvo Ocean Race. During this prestigious around-the-world sailing competition, the Dutch team will be able to rely on professional visual branding from Van Straaten.

Events, Print Media, Selfadhesive Vinyl
Image USA and Europe
24 June 2013

Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, has joined forces with Cees Smit Worldwide, an expert in organic canvas structures and creative textile solutions. The clients of both companies stand to benefit from this new...

Events, Exhibitions, Interior/Architecture, Retail
Image Erasmusbrug Jean Paul Gaultier by Van Straaten
28 February 2013

The Breton stripe so characteristic of Jean Paul Gaultier has been gracing various buildings in the city centre of Rotterdam since last week. Van Straaten, an offline visual communication specialist, finalised the project last week, after starting...

Events, Print Media, Services, Specials, Structures
Logo Radio 538
12 September 2012

Here at Van Straaten, we look beyond the order book, day-to-day assignments and the quality of the very latest digital printing techniques. Besides supplying high-quality, large-format advertising printwork, we also believe that it is important to...

Events, Specials