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Day in, day out, we create visual experiences for international brands. Flexibility, comfort, sustainability and brand experience are the most important elements in this business. Both at events and retail environments. During EuroShop 2017 I will cover one of these four elements, or, as we call them, pillars, on a daily basis. Today: flexibility.

If we are visiting a trade show, our stand needs to be simply perfect. We own that to our brand. The same goes for the visual branding we provide to retailers: a visit to their store needs to be equally as exciting as if we were to visit one of their events. The visual branding needs to be overwhelming yet flexible, so that the themes and messaging can be changed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Only then a retailer remains agile. That is why flexibility is so important. Our ‘frames and fabrics’ solution enables this.

Our stand of the future at Euroshop 2017 is a great example of flexibility in visual branding. In the past, the construction of a large stand required an army of stand builders, carpenters, wood workers and painters. This isn’t efficient. For our stand, we only need two people and all materials can be shipped in one small transporter, instead of large truck(s). The main reason why this stand can be constructed in such a short time is that the stand is constructed using aluminium frames and fabrics, instead of wood. There is no need for carpenters, everything will be ready in no time. Dismantling? Done in a few hours. And we can use a small van, because all fabrics are foldable – without any damage of course. Besides that, it does not weigh that much, so you could even use a cargo bike.  

But that’s just the flexibility in construction. There’s more. As the frames can be constructed in many different forms, and they only require prints on sublimation textiles to create that visual brand experience, you can adjust your messaging within hours. How beneficial would this be, let’s say a retail environment? Or for global brands exhibiting throughout the world? This is an example of the flexibility in visual branding we provide to international brands.

Niels van Straaten



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