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Day in, day out, we create visual brand experiences for international brands. Flexibility, comfort, sustainability and brand experience are the most important elements in this business. Both at events and retail environments. During EuroShop 2017 I will cover one of these four elements, or, as we call them, pillars, every day. Today: comfort.  

At Van Straaten we mean two things when talking about ‘comfort’. Brands need to provide stakeholders, clients and customers visiting their shops, offices or events with an environment that not only reflects brand values. The environment needs to be healthy and comfortable in addition to be being inspiring. In an environment where comfort and function come together with branding employees will be encouraged to be more creative, whilst in a retail environment prospective customers will feel at ease, being activated to make that purchase.  We believe in creating spaces that make people feel at home and ensures people will spend more time in your store or at your stand. Visual branding is key in order to first of all create that feeling, using the right colours and dazzling visuals, and secondly provide an healthy and comfortable environment by using sustainable, healthy and acoustic friendly materials.

On the other hand, comfort also reflects the way we are doing business with our international clients. We want to give you a great, laid-back, comfortable feeling: just lean back and everything will be taken care of. We guarantee that all our visual branding is of the best possible quality. We will discuss how visual branding can enable you to increase brand value. We take care of logistics and – if required – assembly. And  if last-minute challenges occur – for example the night before a tradeshow or event you can always give us a call: we are available 24/7. That is what comfort means to us.


Niels van Straaten



"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

Joshua J. Marine