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C2 Expo en Interieurbouw, an oil communication agency, and Van Straaten joined forces to build a unique exhibition stand for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA). This stand was used at the PROVADA real estate exhibition at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The AMA positions the Amsterdam region as a trendy city that boasts a high level of business, creative and leisure enterprise. With this in mind, the stand - which functions more as decor than as a stand - was given a real 'festival feel'. The eye-catcher was a huge back wall consisting of 75 wooden panels, printed on which were iconic buildings from the Amsterdam region.

The AMA is an administrative partnership between the city of Amsterdam and local regional authorities. The partnership involves nine different authorities, which work together to achieve an innovative economy, faster connections and the space needed for residential, work and recreation functions. oil developed a gutsy concept for the AMA PROVADA stand, making it possible for AMA to stand out from all of the other stand holders at the exhibition.Paul Pennock, the Creative Director at oil, says the following about this project: “AMA asked us to design a completely unique stand for PROVADA, which is a quite respectable and chic exhibition. The AMA wanted to stand out by creating an informal atmosphere and highlighting the boldness and fun the region has to offer, but without neglecting business aspects either.”

The result was an extensive concept, which actually functions far more as decor than as a stand. Pennock: “We opted for a festival design. The stand represents a park - the AMA Park - and consists of a field, a mobile espresso bar, stalls and picnic tables. This park shows the pleasure element that the AMA has to offer. The background to the stand is a horizon that includes a number of recognisable buildings from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. These include the South Axis offices and the façade of the Inntel Hotel in Zaandam. A full-scale cruise ship represents the Port of Amsterdam, for example, while the wall reflects the business aspect of the AMA. Visitors to the stand have the feeling that they are looking out from the park at the skyline of the city.”

The result is impressive, partly because of the huge size of the stand background. The horizon consists of 75 wooden panels that measure an impressive 30 by 6.5 metres in total. Van Straaten was asked to print images of buildings from the region onto the various panels. Wood was the material chosen because of the raw, rugged end result it creates, in keeping with the park atmosphere envisaged. This is also why it is still possible to see the wooden structure through the prints and the screws that hold the whole horizon together.

Niels van Straaten, the Director of Van Straaten, is proud of the result: “This project is very special and innovative too. The size of the wall, the material used and the look and feel to be achieved made it a real print challenge for Van Straaten. I think that the end result was just right. It's really unique for an organisation to present itself at an exhibition in such a large-scale and striking way and I'm pleased that we were able to help the AMA achieve this, in collaboration with oil and C2 Expo.