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Brandt + Fernhout, a company renowned for 3D visual communication, and Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, joined forces to develop and produce a unique concept for a new generation of children's dental practices. Brandt + Fernhout produced the design, after which Van Straaten supplied the colourful 23-metre long oval Blue Magic print, which transforms the waiting room into farmland featuring a number of educational elements.

The two companies have been working together on print projects to be included on the stands of Brandt & Fernhout's end clients for many years now. The latest project involves an assignment for a Waalwijk specialist in dental products for children. Adri van der Kruk is a designer at Brandt + Fernhout and talks to us about the assignment: “This company is a regular client of ours and asked us to help it come up with some ideas on the interior for a new-generation dental practice for children. It wanted us to take three important factors into consideration. Firstly, it wanted the waiting room to be a cheerful, welcoming space, because a trip to the dentist's is a scary experience for most children. Secondly, the print was to be educational too: to teach children something about their teeth and breathing. Thirdly, the concept had to be one that could be rolled out worldwide.”

The basis for the solution delivered is a fully clad wall covered with drawn images. The whole represents a farming landscape, showing cottages, people, animals and plants, amongst other things. Speech clouds are used to teach children something about their teeth and breathing. Integrated touchscreens are provided too, which children can use to watch short films showing them dental care exercises and how to breath properly.

After completing a test clinic, the first ‘new-generation dental practice’ was completed in Cologne. In this clinic, a big oval wall has been clad with a colour-fast print on Blue Magic material; printing was carried out by Van Straaten. Van der Kruk says that the decision to opt for Blue Magic was an obvious one: “Blue Magic is a wonderful material. We have already used it on a number of stand building assignments. It can be printed on up to a width of five metres and any length is possible. It's also very durable and colour fast. We wanted to use it in this project, because it looks good and it's hard-wearing.”

The biggest challenge was the question of how to glue the 23-metre wide print. Blue Magic material makes it easy to seamlessly print large-dimension prints as one whole. However, the gluing of a wall on the same scale, in a space containing various obstacles - which was the case at the Cologne dental practice, for example - was a prime example of the difficulties possible . Armed with Van Straaten's experienced fitters and its high-quality DTP work, the wall sections were merged into one perfect oval whole. Allowance was also made for possible shrinking and stretching, because of which the image will always fit snugly against the edges. Given the unique nature of the assignment, Van Straaten was also on hand to help during the set-up stage on location.

Niels van Straaten said the following about the production of the print: “We are committed to the achievement of innovation in visual communication, because of which we were pleased to accept Brandt + Fernhout's request. We knew that it was possible to glue Blue Magic, but this was the first time that we had ever been faced with the challenge of a 23-metre oval wall print. Fortunately, we had the experience and knowledge necessary to make it work. The project has shown that the possibilities for large-format interior prints for interiors really are endless if you're not afraid to be creative and innovative.”

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