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Recent research has shown that Dutch retailers shy away from the use of visual instore and outstore communication. This culture may be the result of the recent crisis, falling margins and strong competition from online stores. This situation is unfortunate at a time when it is vital to encourage customers to buy on the store floor. This can be achieved by introducing visual tools that retailers can change quickly, cost-effectively and easily too. Visual Magnetics produces a number of these tools. Armed with the tools supplied by Visual Magnetics, retailers are in a position to continually entice shoppers to buy in their stores.

"I believe that the revenue model for retail relies heavily on creativity. In our research, no fewer than 20% of respondents admitted that they did not use any form of visual-communication related innovation at all: partly for cost-related reasons, but also due to a lack of time and knowledge. However, the introduction of innovations like those developed by Visual Magnetics does not require an expensive installer or teams that come to the store regularly to replace all kinds of POS campaign material. Visual Magnetics products are up-to-the-minute, simple solutions that help the retail industry to maintain their appeal with shoppers. These products involve just minor adaptations on the store floor, all of which can easily be done by store staff. For retailers, it is essential that these tools do not put their margins under any further pressure. The Visual Magnetics display system is revolutionary and versatile and can be used to quickly and effortlessly change visuals. It combines magnetic technology with high-quality prints. The magnet system can also be used to easily put shelves up on walls without any nails, screws or glue. Retailers are able to swap displays very quickly and cost-effectively, because of which they are very flexible.


The Visual Magnetics Graphic System enables retailers to easily change the graphics that customers see above shelves. Take a petrol station, for example, where the signing used above the shelves for sweets, magazines and car accessories, for example, need to be changed on an almost constant basis. These graphics can be put in place by store staff and are sent to client in tubes, to avoid expensive shipping costs. At the end of their life cycle, the graphics are recycled, after which they find their way back into the retail industry again.


The patented InvisiLock magnet system is an innovative solution that makes it easy to put shelves up on walls without nails, screws or glue. This shelf - the VM-SHELF - is a magnetic modular system that is easy to put up and move whenever necessary. It can be attached to a VM-WALL or to a surface with a VM-Graphic System. By continually placing new brands on this shelf, accompanied by visual elements and prices, 3D displays are created and retailers are able to respond more flexibly to trends. This system is ideal for many stores. For example, a store that sells sports shoes and that regularly has special offers.


I believe that these solutions are perfect for any retailer that wants its physical stores to be innovative and refreshing. However, Visual Magnetics technology also has its uses in showrooms and meeting rooms at the retail location. Flip charts and whiteboards are no longer necessary as a result and rooms become far more representative and bigger too. An added bonus: huge amounts of paper are saved on an annual basis.

The retail industry in the Netherlands is lagging behind where innovation is concerned and is missing out on an important opportunity. By contrast, the use of Visual Magnetics products in the United States has encouraged consumers to buy at physical locations again. The Visual Magnetics system is ideal for the retail industry, in office environments and for stand construction. The simple, cost-effective Visual Magnetics products make it possible to use high-quality visual communication to entice consumers to buy instore.
Creativity is key here.

Remo Banning



"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."