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Furniture manufacturer Leolux recently opened the new Leolux Design Center in Eindhoven. With assistance from Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual branding, the design showroom has undergone a complete metamorphosis in terms of visual branding. Through the use of innovative materials and solutions, the Design Center is now an expressive and distinctive showroom where designer furniture from Leolux  truly comes to life

Dutch company Leolux has been designing and manufacturing furniture for decades. In the four Design Centers in Eindhoven, Utrecht, Brussels and Krefeld consumers and dealers can view the latest collections. For the design and visual branding of both the interior and the exterior of the rebranded Design Center in Eindhoven, Leolux and Van Straaten closely worked together.


Gisella Groenewoud, Art Director at Leolux: “In the new showroom, the Leolux brand gets much more attention. Visual branding with the aim of an even stronger brand experience was the starting point in the design, where previously this was less the case.” The overarching theme of the design comes from the new home artist of Leolux, Olaf Hajek. He connects the Leolux brand to a rich atmosphere, expressiveness and originality. Creativity and innovation are the key words in the new center. His style gives the showroom the distinctive look Leolux wants to express. “Both on the inside as well as outside windows are now covered with LED-frames, supplied by Van Straaten, allowing for a completely unique experience. The company also provided the flexible, curved sidewall that matches the round shape of the building.”


Niels van Straaten, Director of Van Straaten, is proud of the cooperation with Leolux for the rebranded Leolux Eindhoven Design Center: “Van Straaten and Leolux have been partnering for many years to visualize and enhance the brand image of this famous Dutch brand. With the visual branding developed for this new showroom we reach another milestone. This not only because of the unique concept, the accompanying visuals and innovative use of materials. The greatest strength lies in intensive cooperation in the design and development of the visual branding and joint reflection on the most creative and beautiful ways to bring ideas to live.”

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