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The pop-up store is a new and unusual way to be where your customer is without the cost and inflexibility of a normal store. A pop-up store can be created in a whim, anytime, anywhere. What are the advantages of pop-up shops for retailers? How do you make your pop-up store a guaranteed success?

A pop-up store is a temporary shop, usually for the promotion of a new product or brand awareness. The popularity of the pop-up store is due to the rise of empty retail spaces in shopping areas all over the world. To spice up the shopping experience landlords increasingly opt for renting out their spaces to a different company every few weeks. The surprising factor makes it interesting for shoppers to come back more often.

The pop-up store is not only a solution for cities and their declining shopping areas. There are numerous reasons for business owners to look into this relative new marketing tool. A temporary and sometimes movable shop is an opportunity to increase brand awareness or for the introduction of a new product. The pop-up store is about momentum, the perfect and unique way to bring your product or service to where your customers are at that very moment.


Whether you are a web shop owner, marketer for a big brand or an independent entrepreneur, the advantages of pop-up stores apply to everyone:

  • Temporary: the foremost trait of a pop-up store is the temporary character. A single day, a week or month; you can experiment and test what is best for you and your brand.
  • Eye-catching: a pop-up store is always noticeable, because it is a shop which is not normally there. It draws in passers-by, especially if the visual appearance is topnotch.
  • Easy: have you ever had a good idea for a shop? Now you can open a pop-up store within a few days only. By using flexible materials it is easy to switch themes. A unique experience guarantees more visitors.
  • Cheap: a pop-up store is as expensive as you want it to be, but it is definitely possible to open a low-budget store. Moreover, compared to a normal shop, the rent of temporary space is much more attractive.


The benefits are obvious, but how do you make your pop-up store a success? You need more than simply opening your doors. As with any marketing activity, there are questions that need to be answered. Who is the target audience? What do you want to achieve?

Building upon these basics you can go to the next step: the location. What is the best place to reach your audience and achieve your goal? Equally important is the question of how you want to be perceived by your audience. To do this right, visual branding is of the essence. With a strong visual appearance you get the attention and offer a unique brand experience.

Pop-up stores will surprise, impress and motivate shoppers if you use strong and memorable visuals. Fortunately, there are enough flexible communication tools for a store to quickly create the right image. Think of self-standing banner frames or an entire pop-up wall. And if the plan is to open a recurring pop-up store, Visual Magnetics are even more convenient, allowing you to change the shop’s image in minutes.

The right location and strong visual branding are important factors for attracting visitors to the temporary shop. For definite success a little bit more is necessary. To-store branding may bring in passers-by, but this does not engage the rest of the world. A good online communication strategy is therefore crucial to attract your target audience.

Pop-up stores offer many possibilities. Empty store spaces are repurposed and shopping areas made fun again. For businesses it is the ideal way to introduce their products in a smart and unusual manner. But to seize all of these opportunities it is important to make the most out of it. Look carefully at the location, pay attention to your visual appearance and create a good communication strategy. Success guaranteed!

Hanne van Nederveen Meerkerk



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