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A new standard for stand constructions presented at EuroShop 2017

Van Straaten sets a new standard for stand construction. At EuroShop 2017, the largest retail trade show in the world, a wood-free stand of 390 cubic meters will be presented by the specialist in innovative visual communication. Niels van Straaten, Director at Van Straaten: “Flexibility and sustainability are the main advantages of this stand construction concept.”

Although new construction technologies are getting more important every year, wood is still by far the most used material in the world of ‘traditional’ stand building. The exhibition stand of visual branding specialist Van Straaten – with a total surface area of five by thirteen meters, and a height of six meters – is however fully wood-free. The stand has been made in full out of aluminium frames and several kind of fabrics, the so-called ‘frames and fabrics’ approach.

Less manpower needed
This innovative approach brings many benefits in terms of flexibility and sustainability. All the materials for the ‘stand of the future’ fit in a small transporter/van, in contrast to a regular wooden stand for which at least three trucks are needed. This is mainly because of the use of foldable textiles and the lightweight frames. Therefore, the stand builders need less storage and do not longer have to bring a large team of booth builders, carpenters, woodworkers and painters. The new ‘frames and fabrics’ stand will constructed by two people in two days, and disassembly only takes a few hours. 

Niels van Straaten, director at Van Straaten, explains: “With this frames and fabrics approach, we deliver a higher return of investment, which is essential for global brands. It also allows the industry to create exhibiiton stands that are highly sustainable. We are always searching for the best possible production methods to ensure we are on the forefront on the industry when it comes to leaner and greener alternatives. This stand construction concept offers great savings in terms of logistics, storage and manpower. Furthermore, all types of textiles comply to the latest environmental standards and are free of heavy metals and PVC and the frames can be reused. Our stand at Euroshop shows that whilst combining flexibility and durability one is still able to create an overwhelming brand experience." 

EuroShop will take place from Sunday, March 5th until Thursday, March 9th in Dusseldorf.