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The economic crisis, new technology, social media: all of them change how we work and interact with each other. Sharing, giving and lending will be vital in the future. Successful companies will continue to innovate and respond to changes, aided by co-creation and creativity. The brainstorming session is the best way for a group of people to generate fresh ideas as quickly as possible. The right materials can help to steer brainstorming in the right direction. Visual Magnetics in particular can be an ideal solution when transforming an office wall into a brainstorming tool.

Visual Magnetics has developed a toolbox that can be used to change the appearance of walls in no time at all: Dynamic Spaces. This toolbox consists of various display materials that have been developed specifically for use in a number of different industries: retail, catering, events and office and interior design. The magnetic technology that characterises all Visual Magnetics products have particular advantages in relation to business office design and conference room design at event venues.


The MindLayers product has been developed especially for meetings and brainstorming sessions at the office and in conference rooms. This is the sticky note that we are know so well, but with the addition of a ferrous layer on the back, making it possible to use them indefinitely. Their development is the result of extensive experience with companies and their brainstorming techniques. People taking part in brainstorming sessions can jot down their ideas and brain waves on these notes and then move and reposition them endlessly. Collaborative meetings become more productive and efficient as a result. MindLayers do not use glue but have a ferrous layer that means they can be attached to a magnetic background. Because they never lose their ‘stick’, they are practical, flexible and hard-wearing too. Anything scribbled on these notes is easy to wipe off and overflowing waste paper baskets can be avoided as well. They are produced in a number of different bright colours and pastel shades and are available in various sizes.


The traditional chalkboard has been popular in various sectors for many years now. The advantages are clear: you can easily and quickly write messages on them, which can be removed again just as quickly. However, there are a number of disadvantages too: the chalkboards that are used in pubs and offices are often big and heavy. This makes them just that little bit less manageable. Visual Magnetics can solve this problem by supplying very thin, flexible and lightweight chalkboards.

VM-Chalkboard and VM-Chalkboard Plus combine the advantages of the traditional chalkboard with those of magnetic signage. The boards are made from polyester, have a ferrous back and are attached to walls using single or double-sided base magnets. The polyester has a black chalkboard coating (other colours are possible as well). This surface is writeable and printable. A wide range of patterns can be preprinted onto the board. Grids, for example. These are useful for companies that want to put a work roster on their boards or brainstorming diagrams. The boards can quickly be removed from the wall and are easy to store because of their flexibility. Thanks to the magnet system, other magnetic media can be used on them too (MindLayers, for example). The standard VM-Chalkboard is intended for use with dry chalk, while the Plus version is suitable for use with liquid chalk. The following applies in both cases: notes can be wiped off very quickly.

A similar product, but a whiteboard version, is the VM-DRYerase. Magnets are used to hang up this type of board too. It is light, printable and flexible. The technology behind the coating used for this polyester board was developed in the aerospace industry and has been now been patented. All kinds of markers can be used on it and ink can be removed when dry as well.


The Dynamic Spaces concept developed by Visual Magnetics makes it possible to use endless variations of materials, patterns, colours and functionalities on walls. They turn offices and conference rooms into interactive, visual and unforgettable environments. A creative workplace is a must for the development of creative ideas and this is what this toolbox provides. Many corporate offices are already using these systems in their brainstorming sessions and other meetings and they are also popular in worldwide WeWork coworking offices. Time to transform your office wall now too!

Ivo van der Lem



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