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The Netherlands is inseparable with the color orange. As soon as there is something to celebrate, the Dutch people dig up their orange clothes and the down to earth mentality seems to vanish. Van Straaten has been coloring stages, shops, streets and squares orange for years. The real orange, that is, of PMS 165.

But where does the connectedness with orange actually come from? The origin of the color in our history dates back to the 16th century; the first king, Willem van Oranje, was originally born in Germany as Willem van Nassau. He inherited the French principality Orange from his cousin René van Chalon at the age of eleven. With the inheritance, he became ‘the Prince of Orange’.

In the first years, the Dutch flag was originally ‘oranje blanje blue’ – orange, white, blue. This is also where the term ‘Oranje Boven’ originates – orange on top. Towards the end of the Eighty Year’s War in 1648 the flag had changed into the known red-white-blue. Nobody knows exactly why and many reasons are cited: the royal house of Orange was less popular among the people, the sailors preferred red, but others argue that a deficit in the orange dye caused the change of color.

Orange may have disappeared from our flag but not from our DNA. It is known that colors can influence your emotions. Orange brings out the following emotions: pleasant, childlike, cheerful, energetic, active, sociable, friendly, jovial, spontaneous, optimistic, sociable, loud, frivolous and self-assured.

Van Straaten has been involved with orange for years, both the color and the patriotic traditions that come with it. On Kingsday for example we go all the way with visuals for our partners. We color offices, stores, buildings, stages, squares and streets orange. During the Coronation in 2013 we went big. We arranged banners and flags for roughly 42 buildings, including the Bijenkorf, the Beurs van Berlage and the buildings on Rokin. In addition, Van Straaten printed 6 to 7 thousand square meters of orange and red-white-blue fabric.

Orange stays alive. During the soccer World Cup, during the Olympics, Kingsday or Liberation day on May 5th: there is always a good reason to use the real orange, that we at Van Straaten designate with color code PMS 165, and festively decorate the country. Let’s keep on coloring the country orange. We look forward to a creative cooperation already!

Niels van Straaten



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