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Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, is launching a new type of for UV prints in width up to 5 metres. This material, which is called VS-Luxor 500 UV, is different to other textiles for UV-print because it’s highly white-translucent backlit textile. This makes it ideal for the production of XXL prints for use in light boxes and other frames that are lit from the back. Another thing that makes the VS-Luxor 500 UV unique is that its foldable and bending resistant.  As with most textiles used by Van Straaten, the material is REACH-certified and free of PVC and heavy metals. 

VS-Luxor 500 UV is a white-translucent backlit textile, suitable for use in UV printers. This variant on the existing material - VS-Pearl 320 - can be printed in widths up to five metres, a significant improvement on the previous width limit of 3.2 metres. The material can be used in LED frames, light boxes or in any other eyecatchers and structures that are lit from the back. The XXL-size prints produced make it possible for Van Straaten to deliver very large, top-quality format prints without seams. However, it doesn't stop there: besides the printed product itself, clients can order an LED frame of their choice. Van Straaten also delivers the final product and assembles it for clients on site. It's fair to say that Van Straaten creates a one-stop-shop experience, making life much easier for clients.

The new textile has been designed to complement the existing series of materials in the Van Straaten portfolio, which is under continuous development. Van Straaten is leading the way in the development of print innovations and in its fast response to signals from and the wishes of the market. Demand for large-scale and impressive visual communication solutions is showing strong growth. With the introduction of this new white-translucent backlit textile which is foldable and bending resistant, available in five-metre widths and unlimited lengths, Van Straaten is meeting a clear need and is setting its sights on the achievement of maximum client satisfaction.

Niels van Straaten, one of the directors at Van Straaten: “I am seeing a trend for companies in various sectors to opt for big, bigger and biggest. For example: showrooms in the automotive industry, at trade fairs and exhibitions and in interiors. Marketing and event managers are looking for real eyecatchers that they can use to dress their rooms and halls, which are often large and have high ceilings. This new textile makes light work of this challenge. VS-Luxor 500 UV makes it possible to show XXL visuals at their best.”


  • Foldable and bending resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% PVC-free, REACH compliant, free of heavy metals
  • Highly white-translucent textile backlit (approx. 43% according to in-house translucency measuring method)
  • Textile structure
  • Excellent light diffusion at low installation depth
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, NF P 92-503ff M1, EN 13501