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Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, is launching the new Visual Magnetics VM-WALL and VM-SHELF display systems in the Dutch market. These products make it possible to change store interiors quickly, without using any adhesives or hardware. They are aimed at the retail industry and feature the innovative magnetic technology developed by Visual Magnetics. By introducing the VM-WALL and VM-SHELF products, Visual Magnetics is adding new applications to existing magnetic technology.

"The VM-WALL product offers retailers an all-in-one solution. This free-standing, modular wall-suspension system can be combined with any Visual Magnetics visuals and other magnetic systems too. VM-WALL is an ideal solution for store display-windows and interiors. Store assistants benefit from its flexibility, giving them endless variations for easy product display. Graphics, shelves and 3D objects can all be transformed without adhesives or the need to drill holes, which enables stores to respond quickly to campaigns and fast collection changeovers.

The VM-SHELF is a shelf system that can be used to simplify article display. The individual shelves in the VM-SHELF system are possible to position anywhere, onto a VM-WALL or Visual Magnetics VM-Graphic System surface . They can be repositioned or removed in just seconds. This product is ideal for fast-paced retail businesses in which rapid product-range changes are the order of the day. For example, a shoe store may want to display large numbers of shoes differently every week. This takes up valuable time that a retailer just can't afford to lose. The solution is to make the process fast and easy with the VM-WALL and VM-SHELF.


The wide range of ready-to-go and customised solutions available make it possible to personalise the VM-SHELF finish as required. The VM-WALL and VM-SHELF products are available from Van Straaten, the European partner of Visual Magnetics, now. Van Straaten also produces variations on the Visual Magnetics product range and can adapt them in line with a client's specific wishes.

Niels van Straaten, the Director of Van Straaten: “Magnetic visuals have already more than proven their value in various sectors in which promotions and campaigns are run. Technology today is more advanced: besides prints, it is now also possible to work in 3D and integrate objects too. The VM-WALL and VM-SHELF give retailers the versatility they need in this fast-paced market. Display systems create a dynamic in-store experience and are competitively priced too."

Remo Banning



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