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Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, has joined forces with Cees Smit Worldwide, an expert in organic canvas structures and creative textile solutions. The clients of both companies stand to benefit from this new partnership, which is paving the way for the achievement of a whole range of new possibilities for spectacular exhibition, event and store decor, for example.

Van Straaten is a full-service production company that has been a trendsetter in the development and use of new printing techniques and print media for almost 100 years now. Van Straaten combines large-format prints with curved aluminium profiles and is involved in a wide variety of projects for events, exhibitions, stores and interiors across the board. With its balanced portfolio and full service, Van Straaten offers clients a total high-impact solution for visual communication . Like Van Straaten, Cees Smit Worldwide has extensive experience of dressing stands, retail chains and events too. The company specialises in the production of creative objects, elastic canvases and striking wall coverings. Thanks to state-of-the-art production methods and unique materials like tension fabric, Cees Smit Worldwide is able to achieve organic-shaped designs that would not be possible - or just barely - with conventional media.

The partnership between Van Straaten and Cees Smit Worldwide results in a very unique portfolio and an advanced package of products and services. The combination of both companies' strengths is enabling clients to profit from the technical and reactive synergy this creates.Niek van Straaten and Boi Smit are very pleased about the partnership that has been established between their companies. ‘Van Straaten and Cees Smit Worldwide complement each other perfectly,’ says CEO Niek van Straaten. ‘The strengths of both companies lie in their speed, quality, creativity, innovation and their proactive problem-solving ability."" Boi Smit: ""Besides the greater choice of shapes and materials, the partnership opens up a number of unique applications for clients, such as organic objects that are lit from the inside with the very latest LED technologies. The creative possibilities available to clients are virtually endless now."