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Van Straaten, a specialist in innovative visual communication, is introducing a completely new material for exhibition stands, interior decor projects and on the sales floor. Whiteback is a new type of textile that weighs just 250 grammes, consists of three layers and has a white-coated backing through which it is impossible for light to penetrate. Mood images, campaign images, corporate identity communications and calls to action can all be printed on the front of Whiteback textile. The great thing is that if the back of the eyecatcher becomes visible, the white back will create a visually neutral light-proof look

Often, the prints used on exhibition stands or in interior projects are secured to hanging objects or structures. Lightweight aluminium profiles make it possible to construct any shape, ensuring that the eyecatcher achieves exactly the effect required. When using this form of live communication, it is important that no light is able to penetrate through the back of the textile used. Otherwise, the light of the sun shining on a hanging structure - a cube on an exhibition stand, for example - would make it difficult to see the full-colour print on the front. Besides blocking out light, it is important for the back, which is often visible, not to reveal a show-through, but stay as inconspicuous as possible. This is achieved by using the colour white.

Besides large hanging objects, the Whiteback material is ideal for the lightboxes that feature on the exhibition floor or in-store. It can be used to cover the back of a lightbox, when the white colour of the White-back material ensures that the LED lighting reflects well. This will bring the visual on the front to life with exactly the right light distribution. The material also makes sure that no light shines through the outside edges, resulting in a visually neutral lightproof look.The White-back material is flame-retardant, B1-certified and is available in widths of up to 3.20 m.

Niels van Straaten, the Director of Van Straaten, comments as follows about Whiteback Textile: “Van Straaten has always led the way in the development of new technologies. Whiteback adds a new innovation to our product portfolio.Particularly those clients that build exhibition stands or work in the interior decor or retail industry could use Whiteback material for special applications in situations where the creativity of an inconspicuous back is important.Because attention stays focused on the front - the side on which the visuals are printed - the visual effect intended is achieved.”