DS 320 cm – 155 grs

Make a statement with Backlit SEG. Suitable as a silicone edge graphic (SEG) for illuminated applications, including standard and custom-built LED frames.

Suitable for durable illuminated applications

Spectacular and powerful colors

Can be shipped and stored without creasing

Backlit SEG 310 

Do you want your message to stand out from the rest? Our Backlit SEG is the perfect solution for this! This material is ideal for use in illuminated applications, such as an LED frame silicone edge graphic.

What is a silicone edge graphic?

A silicone edge graphic (SEG) is a type of fabric graphic that has a silicone strip sewn around the edge. This strip is then inserted into a groove on an aluminum frame, creating a taut and seamless appearance.

What makes this material suitable for an LED frame?

Because aluminum textile frames also have LED lighting, we have developed a special fabric for the most even light distribution: the Backlit SEG 310. This ensures that your message or campaign is displayed to its best advantage. Unlike other fabric materials, this textile material absorbs the light, preventing individual LED lights from shining through the print, all to ensure the best possible result!

Crease-free and easy to replace

One of the distinctive features of a silicone edge graphic is the ease with which it can be replaced. Thanks to its combination with an aluminum frame, the fabric can be easily replaced with another print. This is ideal for retail applications or stand building. Another benefit of this fabric is that it can be folded without creasing and is easy to store.

Order a custom-made silicone edge graphic for your LED frame

You can easily order a custom-made silicone edge graphic for your LED frame through our customer portal. The print can be up to 320 cm in length. If you have a specific request, please feel free to contact one of our experts and be amazed by the endless possibilities!

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