UV 500 cm – 260 grs

Suitable as a textile canvas that must not shine through. This blockout fabric is printed using an 8-color UV printing technique and is available in any desired size.

No shadow formation in the visual due to the black blockout background of the material

Available in large sizes (up to 5m wide)

Often used as a stretched wall covering

Blockout Textile BlackBack

The Blockout Textile Blackback 320 UV is suitable to function as a textile canvas that must not shine through. This blockout fabric is always printed on one side and is available in any desired size.

Maximum print width

For an XL print, we recommend the Blockout Textile Blackback 500 UV. This print can be produced with a maximum print width of 500 centimeters. If you still choose Blockout Textile BlackBack 320, we are obliged to divide the fabric into pieces and attach them together.

Perfect for quick wall coverings

The material is often used as printed wall covering material. Thanks to the light-blocking function, irregularities in the background are not visible.

Also suitable for illuminated applications

Blockout Textile Blackback can also be used in aluminum textile frames that are illuminated on a single side. This way, the light is only visible on the side where one of our special peesdoek for LED frames is used.

Not foldable

Our special UV printing technique provides the most beautiful colors. However, we advise against folding this material with the print. This can cause the ink to show craquelure effects, which can lead to undesired results.

Other Materials

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