DS 320 cm – 230 grs

The material’s slight stretch makes it easy to install or hang visuals. This blockout textile is always printed on one side and available in any size, making it perfect for modular frame systems.

Stretchable material with a non-transparent blockout layer

Available in high quantities and large sizes

Often used as a Tension Fabric (a type of textile used for frames)

Perfectly suitable for modular stand construction from Bematrix and Aluvision

 BlockOut Textile BlackBack Stretch 320

The Blockout Textile Blackback stretch 320 DS is ideal for use as a textile that should not let light through. It is always printed using the durable sublimation technique. It is a stretchable material with a black, light-blocking layer and available in any size. It is the perfect visual for your Bematrix or Aluvision frames.

Soft top layer and stretchy fabric:

Compared to other Blackback materials on the market, Blockout Textile Blackback Stretch has a soft top layer. Additionally, there is a slight stretch in the fabric, making it more flexible than regular fabric.

Maximum print width:

For an XL print, we recommend the Blockout Textile Blackback Stretch 500 DS. This print can be produced with a maximum print width of 500 centimeters. However, if you choose this material for a size above 315 centimeters, we will need to divide the fabric into multiple pieces and attach them together.

Perfectly combined with aluminum textile frames:

The material is often used as a Tension Fabric in aluminum textile frames that are freestanding or hanging. Thanks to its light-blocking function, backgrounds, internal parts, such as stabilizers or accessories, are not visible because the print simply does not shine through.

Also suitable for illuminated applications:

The fabric can also be used in aluminum textile frames that are lit on one side. This makes the light visible only on the side where our special Tension Fabrics for LED frames are used

Easy transport

Thanks to our sublimation printing technique, the fabric can be easily folded and transported. Combined with a Tension Fabric, it is ideal for temporary applications. Don’t be surprised if the fabric arrives with folds. When you attach the fabric to the frame, the folds will disappear quickly.

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