UV 500 cm – 235 grs

Suitable as a textile that should not be transparent. This blockout fabric is always printed on one side due to its white, light-blocking layer and is available in any desired size.

No translucent light due to white blockout layer

Available in large sizes

Often used in locations where no black background should be visible

Blockout Textile Whiteback 310

The Blockout Textile Whiteback 310 UV is suitable to be used as a non-translucent textile. This blockout fabric is always printed on one side and has a light-blocking white layer on the back. It is available in any desired size and is often used as a tension fabric for exhibition walls or LED frames.

Perfectly combinable with aluminum textile frames

The material is often used as a tension fabric in aluminum textile frames that are used standing or hanging. For example, think of an exhibition wall where the light should not shine through or a backlit frame where light on one side is desirable. Thanks to the light-blocking function, internal parts such as stabilizers or accessories are not visible because the print does not shine through.

Also suitable for backlit applications

Blockout Textile Whiteback can also be used in aluminum textile frames that are backlit on one side. This way, the light is only visible on the side where one of our special LED frame tension fabrics is used.

Not foldable

Our special UV printing technique ensures the most beautiful colors. However, we advise against folding this material with print. This can cause the ink to show crackle effects, which will not result in the desired outcome.

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