UV 500 cm – 330 grs

Often used as seamless wallpaper with a maximum print width of 500 cm. Can be applied to various surfaces and can be customized with a print.

Non-transparent base

Easy to tack or glue

Seamless application

Dirt and water repellent

 BlueMagic 320

Our BlueMagic seamless wallpaper is often used as seamless wallpaper and has a maximum print width of 500 cm. This alternative to Walltex is easy to apply to various surfaces and can be customized with a print.

Easy to apply to any type of surface

BlueMagic has a light blue backing that makes unevenness on the surface invisible. Thanks to this property, any color difference with the background is not visible. Therefore, this material is also suitable for placement on colored backgrounds without showing through the print. Thanks to the PVC top layer, wrinkles and tears are prevented, a water-repellent function is created, and surface damage is prevented.

Easy to apply

BlueMagic wallpaper is also easy to apply with the help of wallpaper paste and a wallpaper roller. Not much different from applying traditional wallpaper.

Also suitable for moist spaces

A major advantage of BlueMagic wallpaper is that it is breathable. This means that it can allow moisture and air to pass through, which can help prevent moisture problems behind the wallpaper. This is especially useful in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, BlueMagic wallpaper is also durable and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Tip from Van Straaten: do not use cleaning agents with corrosive properties! This can have a negative impact on the ink and make the print less beautiful.

Other Materials

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BlueMagic 320

BlueMagic 500


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