Visually engaging booths for the biggest plastics trade show in the world

At the biggest plastic trade show in the world, a show where exhibitants from around the world show their latest products and new innovation on amongst other plastics processing, rubber, plastic recycling and machinery. Van Straaten was selected to create and design multiple booths at this innovative event. At the tradeshow, Van Straaten Group created visual branding for booths like Wittman, Wellman, Branson and Emabond. For the set-up of the booths, Van Straaten Group worked with Essex Design & Display, a well-known partner with a lot of know-how in the field of booth design.

How to create a visually engaging trade show booth

Why van Straaten?

At the tradeshow, Van Straaten Group created visual branding for booths like Wittman, Wellman, Branson and Emabond. Van Straaten was selected to provide design and visuals for this trade show, because of its expert eye for detail and textiles

The parts delivered were Backlit Textiles, Blockout Textiles and covers for the structure.

How we work

For a number of the booths we used lightboxes. ‘This way we ensure that a message comes across with a lot more impact’, explains Boi Smit, President of Van Straaten Group’s US branch, CEES SMIT. ‘For example, we use lightboxes and seamless fabrics on the booths. Attention is drawn much more to objects that are well lit – this is why lightboxes are such a strong tool for visual communication. It really brings brands to life.’

“We Think in Solutions”

For the frame system for the visuals, tension fabrics combined with BeMatrix frames, also known in the industry as Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) were used with great success. ‘We want to impress,’ explains Boi Smit. ‘So we don’t want any limitations on the possibilities. This is why we’re not limited by a product or a brand: we think in solutions.’


Walking side by side with our customers along the creative landscape, and going through the creative process together, ultimately results in the most visually engaging brand experiences.


Understanding brands is the most important building block to successful branding. We put great emphasis to color management and details, to ensure messages getting across with great impact


We are team players. We strongly believe in partnerships, and we see ourselves as an extension of our customers, providing them with ideas, and inspiring them with visual branding solutions.

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