Modular in-store solutions

Cart Mart is an award winning and leading dealer of the world’s finest golf carts, commercial and Low Speed Vehicles. Cart Mart operates four award-winning and authorized locations throughout Southern California – San Diego, Orange County, Coachella Valley, and Los Angeles. Specializing in the sales of new and used vehicles, service, replacement parts, and special event rentals since 1959, Cart Mart has become the trusted source for all things Golf & Industrial vehicle-related in the region.

beMatrix with Blockout Stretch fabrics.
beMatrix with Blockout Stretch fabrics.

Why van Straaten?

Cart Mart decided to work with van Straaten group because they needed advice from an industry expert on the execution on the pop up concept. Mobile branding makes it a lot easier to realise many marketing ideas. Van Straaten specialises in 360° sustainable visual branding. By working directly with brands, creative partners, designers and architects, to  create unforgettable experiences. Where we are constantly looking for new ways to showcase products in a unique and eye-catching way with pop-up branding. You name it, the possibilities of pop-up branding are literally endless. The mobile branding solutions van Straaten offers are designed for ease of use, with easy installation and transport. Smarrt presentation systems that are cost effective and long lasting

For Cart Mart, Van Straaten Group built a modular structure, consisting of a storage space with door, and an arch. The pop-up store was set up in no time.

How we work

For this store the choice was to use a beMatrix frame, to allow easy reconfigurations, and add-ons.
For instance the canopy can easily be extended so a golf cart can be placed under it. Also for the storage a door was placed including a key pad lock.

Blockout Stretch material by Van Straaten was the right choice for this project, ensuring 100% light blocking, so no frame would be visible. Graphics were notched to seamlessly go across panel joints.

Cost effective: The use of modular systems are cost effective, since structures can easily be reconfigured. Another advantage is that for new graphics only the actual square feet are calculated that need to be replaced or covered.

High end materials

Our selection of materials have been thoroughly tested, and are all flame retardant, to guarantee safety, consistency, and quality

Detailed Precision

To achieve high end quality, our focus is on every detail, and they are executed with finesse, using top quality computer aided machines.

3D visualization

To best support our customers, and help them visualize their ideas for interiors, we have a team that can provide professional 3D visualization

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