Facebook HQ

Facebook commissioned van Straaten to design a magnificent and colorful workspace for the Global Marketing Solutions team at Facebook. The summit focuses on how the team produces experiences for Facebook users, empowers one another to achieve the greatest results, and learns how to be a great partner for customers. It is attended by a team of more than 2,000 individuals from more than 30 offices across the world.



Why van Straaten?

Van Straaten was selected by Facebook to help them design and create a visual stunning stand at the Global Marketing Solutions Summit, because of their experience with large surfaces, use of vibrant colors, expertise in aluminum profiles and use of lengthy textiles.

The summit was being held at the Moscone Center, the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco. Van Straaten was challenged to match and align all colors and patterns at the Facebook stand in the Moscone Center, both on the wall, floor, escalator, and ceiling, using just 4 different materials.

Watch footage of the summit here:


How we work

The place where people could register for the event was created by using a GEM/Agam structure with fabric conversion frame type Heavy 27, using 487 cm dye sub Deco500 textile. Size 318 cm x 61 cm including 1 horizontal seam. The canopy consisted of a single sided aluminum extrusion profile called Heavy 27, with bottom covered with Blockout Textile. Floor vinyl including anti skid layer was used to cover a total of 400 m2. Phototex Blockout was used on escalator and glass. Total 101 m2. Both level 2 and level 3 banners were used, Level 2 banners consisted of a double sided aluminum extrusion profile Double 44, including printed Blockout textile on both sides. Decotex was used for level 3 banners including 2 horizontal seams and pole pockets on top and bottom. Size 670 cm x 762 cm



Aluminum profiles are lighter than most other metals, resulting is lower shipping costs.


Profiles have been designed in a way to obtain maximum structural integrity.


Due to its metal characteristics and the way the profiles are designed, they can be bent as requested.

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