320 cm – 230 grs

An excellent choice when a textile fabric needs to have a luxurious and chic appearance. Suitable as a silicone edge graphic (SEG) fabric for indoor applications.

Particularly suitable for indoor display applications where some transparency is desired

Foldable and easy to transport

Material is thicker and more glossy than Decotex 220 grs, giving it a more luxurious appearance

Often used as a silicone edge graphic (SEG) fabric

DigiTex Premium 320

Our DigiTex Premium 320 is a good choice when the print needs to have less transparency but not be completely light-proof. The glossy layer gives the print a chic appearance. The material is often used as a silicone edge graphic (SEG) fabric for indoor applications.

Foldable and wrinkle-resistant

Thanks to our special sublimation technique, the print is provided with the most powerful colors. An additional benefit is that the fabric can be folded and the print is wrinkle-resistant. This makes transport easy at all times in a compact box. Since the fabric is only suitable for indoor applications, it will last for years. Don’t be alarmed if you receive the fabric with folds. When you install the fabric in the frame, the folds will disappear in no time.

What is a silicone edge graphic (SEG) fabric?

As the name suggests, an SEG fabric is a fabric that has been finished with a silicone edge. This edge is finished around the fabric and is therefore ideal for use with aluminum frames. Super easy to install and replace with another print.

Endless finishing options

In addition to the silicone edge, there are many other finishing options available for DigiTex Premium 320. Think of a tunnel, rings, Velcro, a hem, or just a clean cut. This is why the material is also suitable for endless applications for trade shows, retail, and interior design purposes.

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