320 cm – 230 grs 

Printable PVC-free material made of 100% polyester textile with a mesh structure. This makes it suitable for outdoor use thanks to its high wind and light permeability.

100% polyester textile

 PVC free

Suitable for outdoor use due to high wind permeability

Available up to 5 meters wide

Eco Mesh 320

Eco Mesh 320 is a fabric characterized by its mesh structure, which gives it high wind permeability. Combined with a water-repellent top layer, this makes the product ideal for outdoor use.

Air and light permeability

Thanks to the holes in Eco Mesh 320, the wind can flow easily through the fabric. This makes it excellent for use as a banner, scaffold sheeting, construction fence banner, or speaker cloth. However, please note that the mesh structure can make the print less vibrant, causing details to be lost. So, avoid printing small details!

Large sizes available

We can deliver Eco Mesh 320 Fabric extremely large and custom-made. Looking for a print larger than 320 centimeters? Then choose Eco Mesh 500 and discover the endless possibilities and finishing options.

Other Materials

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Eco Mesh 320


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