Project: Facebook
Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

  • Challenge: Match and align all colors and patterns on wall, floor, escalator, and ceiling, using 4 different materials
  • Registration Wall: GEM/Agam structure with fabric conversion frame type Heavy 27, using 487 cm dye sub Deco500 textile. Size 318 cm x 61 cm including 1 horizontal seam
  • Canopy: Single sided aluminum extrusion profile Heavy 27, with bottom covered with Blockout Textile
  • Floor: Floor vinyl including anti skid layer. Total 400 m2
  • Escalator: Phototex Blockout on escalator and glass. Total 101 m2
  • Level 2 banners: Double Sided Aluminum extrusion profile Double 44, including printed Blockout textile on both sides. Size 167 cm x 488 cm and 167 cm x 730 cm
  • Level 3 banners: Decotex including 2 horizontal seams and pole pockets on top and bottom. Size 670 cm x 762 cm
Corporate Event Facebook
Corporate Event Facebook
Corporate Event Facebook
Corporate Event Facebook