156×305 – UV 320 cm

Lightweight and at the same time super strong, that characterizes Forex 10mm. Suitable for load-bearing constructions and for mounting on both flat and curved walls.

Single- or double-sided print

Light but super strong


Forex 10mm

A Forex 10mm sheet is known for being quite light in weight while at the same time feeling sturdy. Thanks to its special foam core, the sheet is somewhat flexible and can be mounted without any problem on both flat and curved walls or constructions.

Versatile applicability

The 10mm Forex sheet is the thickest sheet in its line and suitable for infinite applications for indoor or temporary outdoor use. In addition to this sheet thickness, Forex is also available in 1, 3 and 5 millimeters. Thanks to its somewhat soft top layer, the print is susceptible to scratching but can withstand most weather conditions.


Available in all possible shapes

Forex is available in all shapes and sizes. The panel is standardly cut square, but the material is also suitable for printing router letters or other contour shapes.

Double-sided or single-sided printing on Forex

A big advantage of Forex 10mm is that it can be printed on both sides or just one side. This makes the applicability of this foamed PVC sheet even more diverse. Think for example of ceiling hangers, nameplates, advertising signs or wall circles. Because the weight is well balanced with the strength, this material is also suitable for very large panels.

Other Materials

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Forex 10mm


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