UV 160 cm – 110 Mu

High Tack Permanent White is suitable for permanent applications. Thanks to the Opake Hightack adhesive layer, it is perfect for use on various flat surfaces, including latex painted trade show walls.

Suitable for all flat surfaces

Ideal for permanent applications

White Film

High Tack Permanent White 137

High Tack Permanent White is a white film suitable for permanent applications. The film can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be adhered to flat and smooth surfaces, such as vehicles and windows. Thanks to the white backing, the color intensity of the print is well displayed on all types of surfaces.

Dry or wet application

Thanks to the permanent adhesive layer, the sticker maintains its adhesion in various scenarios, even when the white film comes into contact with moisture. This makes High Tack Permanent White suitable for both dry and wet applications, allowing the user to choose the perfect method according to their preferences.

Other Materials

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High Tack Permanent White


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