100 – UV 320 cm

Magnetfoil 0.90mm printable is provided with a black magnetic coating. Specially developed to be used on a magnetic surface and writable with a whiteboard marker.

Suitable for magnetic surfaces

Easy to reposition


Magnetfoil 0,90mm Printable

Magnetfoil 0.90mm printable is an iron-containing magnetic film provided with a black iron-containing coating. This material is specially developed to be used on a magnetic surface and can be customized with a print to fit your needs. If you prefer a thinner film, choose the Magnetfoil 0.60mm.

Repositionable magnetic film:

This special iron-containing magnetic film can be applied to a magnetic surface and is therefore easy to reposition. This makes it easy for anyone to use the material without any adhesive experience and position it in the right place.

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