MOOOi Visual Branding


Since fifteen years, MOOOI visual branding has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs. Their unexpected home vision brings to life a whole new world of ideas and inspiring, magical atmospheres to brighten your daily life. Moooi’s emblematic lighting, furniture and accessories overlook trends and monotony. They make people fall in love with their homes regardless of age, culture and personality by creating colourful and patterned interior environments to embrace all spaces. Moooi’s headquarters are in Breda, The Netherlands with stores located in Amsterdam, London, New York City and Tokyo.

Why van Straaten

Van Straaten supports MOOOI in creating magical visual branding with their presentations of a new collection. at the Salone del Mobile. The largest furniture fair in the world, held anually in Milan. Here the latest furniture trends are being showcased from countries all around the world. MOOOI turned to van Straaten for this edition of the salon de mobile because MOOOI wanted to use the latest technology available for print for the exposition. Van Straaten was honored to partner up with MOOOi to represent their new collection in a stunning way.

How we work

For the exposition van Straaten made use of the 5m sublimation print. Sublimation printing offers high quality by using water-based ink that is also odourless and easy transportable because it is foldable. The sublimation printer is not only the fastest printer available, it can also match any colour you want. The 5m sublimation are also less vulnerable to damage on installation.

MOOOI took great efforts to create an inspiring presentation for their new collection. Van Straaten took great pride in supporting them with this project. By creating impressive prints and visual branding.

Conceive it

It all starts with a great idea how to reach customers, and how to let them have a personal experience in a retail environment.

Believe it

Once the idea has been born, the next step is to work out all details, deciding what approach is the best for maximum brand engagement.

Achieve it

After the right strategy is chosen, the final step is to convert all ideas into tangible visual elements that will contribute to a maximum store experience.

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