106 – UV 160 cm – 440 grs

So Flat displaybanner is specially developed for rollable displays where the print must not shine through. Often used in rollup banners.

Light blocking backing prevents light from shining through 

Designed for rollable displays, such as rollup banners 


So Flat Displaybanner

The So Flat Displaybanner is a specially developed material for rollable displays. In combination with the non-transparent print, this PVC fabric is particularly suitable for use in rollup banners.

Suitable for rollable displays

The composition of this material ensures that the print can be easily rolled up without it being visible. This is why So Flat displaybanner is often used in rollup banners or other displays with rollable properties to always get the best result.

Non-transparent print

The color power of a rollup banner must be strong. That is why it is important that the properties of the environment do not influence the message. Thanks to a special light blocking backing, So Flat Displaybanner does not shine through, and the print looks its best

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So Flat Displaybanner

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