The annual Licensing Expo offers the best opportunity for product suppliers or retailers to showcase and participate in securing the rights to thousands of consumer brands, entertainment icons and more. The Licensing Expo is the largest event dedicated to licensing and brand extension. Whether you’re looking to spot trends, form partnerships or secure brand rights for your products, Licensing Expo has all the answers. Sony was one of the exhibitors at this years edition of the Licensing Expo, Cees Smit (van Straaten sister company) was honored to partner up with Sony to create a visually stunning booth, to attract the attention of the attendees

Why van Straaten?

At the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV, CEES SMIT, Inc. partnered up, produced and install the booth. The choice to work together with CEES SMIT was made because of our expertise on specific materials. A special cilinder construction that formed the basis of the complete booth design, consist of multiple pieces of aluminum and fabrics that need to be bended. An area that can rightly be called Van Straaten’s area of expertise

The assignment? Create an exhibition booth that was able to create a wow effect for every visitor at the licensing expo.

How we work

At the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV, CEES SMIT, Inc. partnered up, produced and installed a circle sign (1100 x 360 cm) with multiple aluminum extrusions and non fraying foldable high density Blockout Textile both on the outside and inside. A donut with multiple aluminum extrusions, with Blockout textile on the bottom.  A theater room was made (size: 71cm x 240 cm), with blockout Textile with printed woodgrain pattern, taken from 120 cm x 240 cm laminate sheet, used for counter. For the conference rooms Blockout Textile on BeMatrix frames was used.

4 things that top brands expect from trade show booth designers


Walking side by side with our customers along the creative landscape, and going through the creative process together, ultimately results in the most visually engaging brand experiences.


Understanding brands is the most important building block to successful branding. We put great emphasis to color management and details, to ensure messages getting across with great impact.


We are team players. We strongly believe in partnerships, and we see ourselves as an extension of our customers, providing them with ideas, and inspiring them with visual branding solutions.

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