310 – DS 320 cm – 150 grs

Superflag 320 has a slightly glossy appearance and is known as a so-called flag fabric thanks to its high wind permeability. Ideally suited for outdoor applications, e.g. flag or banner.

Translucent print in mirror on reverse side 

Suitable for outdoor use due to high wind penetration 

Often used as a flag or banner 


Our SuperFlag 320 fabric has a slightly shiny appearance and is known as a so-called flag fabric thanks to its high wind transmission. Partly because of this, this material is ideally suited for outdoor applications, for example flag or banner.

Print visible on reverse

As standard, we always print Superflag 320 on one side. Nevertheless, the mirror image of the print is always visible on the reverse side thanks to a print through of 98%. The finishing of the material can be done entirely according to your choice. For example, hems, tape and rings, tunnels, Velcro or simply cut clean.

High wind transmission

Typical of the fabric are the holes that improve the high wind permeability. Please note that this causes the sharpness of the print to be lost slightly. So while formatting the print, be careful not to apply too much detail to the artwork.

Extend the life of the product

Since Superflag 320 will mostly be used outdoors, we have a few tips to extend its lifespan. Under normal conditions, this material can be expected to last about 3 to 4 months. However, we do recommend bringing the banner or flag indoors from wind force 6. This reduces the chance of damage and the material will certainly last longer

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