The Brussels Motor Show 2023 

The 100th edition of the Brussels Motor Show, locally known as “Het autosalon” or “Le Salon de l’Auto“, finally took place again this year after an absence of over three years due to the pandemic. The car extravaganza was held at Brussels Expo from January 14th to 22nd. The event managed to attract a total of 271,057 visitors this year. The Brussels Auto Show is an annual event in the Belgian capital where car enthusiasts from all over the world come together to admire the latest developments in the automotive industry up close. During the event, large visuals were provided by Van Straaten on behalf of the leading Belgian stand builder Conceptexpo 

Working with van Straaten

Conceptexpo has been familiar with modular stand construction from Aluvision for years and creates spatial design and communication projects throughout Europe with the Brussels Motor Show as a big example. Over the past few years, they have worked closely with Van Straaten in the field of large format printing. Van Straaten’s expertise in the field of;  

Prints for Modular Stand Construction 

Van Straaten’s expertise in large format prints with stretch for modular stand construction was essential in providing a large number of blackback stretch prints to the Brussels Motor Show in a short amount of time. The new 5-meter blockout stretch variant was specifically used for stand designs taller than 3.20m. This was essential for the Brussels Motor Show, where quick set-up and tear-down of the stands was a requirement 

The Latest Printing Technologies (Sublimation) 

Van Straaten has the necessary printing technologies, including the 5-meter sublimation printing technique, to deliver high-quality prints on short notice. This made it possible to create extremely large Blackback stretch visuals for BeMatrix or Aluvision frames that were used. 

Production Quality and Speed 

The combination of high-quality prints and very short lead times made it possible to provide all stands with the ultimate brand experience. Van Straaten’s print setup, combined with in-house seam finishing, along with Conceptexpo’s spatial project experience, created a perfect collaboration. Brands such as Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen were able to offer something unique to visitors of the Auto Salon.   

How we work 

The objective for the 2023 Brussels Auto Show was to produce a large number of high-quality prints with black backgrounds in a short amount of time. The quick setup was necessary due to the minimal setup time and the use of many different halls for the show. The Blockout BlackBack Stretch 5m material from Van Straaten was the perfect solution for this. It is a stretchable material with a black, light-blocking layer that is suitable to function as a textile that does not shine through. The material was printed via sustainable sublimation technology and could be easily folded and transported. In combination with a seam, it was ideal for a temporary application. For the stands, Aluvision frames with blackback stretch material of 3.2 meters by 5 meters were chosen.

Successful collaboration

The collaboration between Van Straaten and Conceptexpo was once again a great success. All in all, the collaboration between Conceptexpo and Van Straaten resulted in a visually impressive and successful jubilee edition of the Brussels Motor Show. 

High end materials

Our selection of materials have been thoroughly tested, and are all flame retardant, to guarantee safety, consistency, and quality.

Detailed precision

To achieve high end quality, our focus is on every detail, and they are executed with finesse, using top quality computer aided machines.

3D visualization

To best support our customers, and help them visualize their ideas for interiors, we have a team that can provide professional 3D visualization.

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