LEOLUX Visual Branding


Leolux and Van Straaten have been working together on various projects in the field of visual branding for years. In 2016, there will be even more engaging projects regarding Leolux visual branding, such as the cooperative design for the Leolux stand showcased at the International Interiors Show (IMM) in Keulen and collaboration on creative solutions for the visual branding of the Leolux Design Center in Eindhoven.

Leolux has over 80 years of experience in the field of interior design and is an established name in the industry. Leolux and Van Straaten have been working on various projects in the field of visual branding for years. The collaboration started with the development of the Leolux museum, decorated with visual products and materials by Van Straaten, in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Leolux.

Gisella Groenewoud, Art Director of Leolux: “Since the project for our 80th anniversary, we have experienced that Van Straaten has plenty more to offer than only graphics support at stands. Because of the complete portfolio, good service and the ability to switch quickly without an intermediary, we decided to partner with Van Straaten in 2014. It was an immediate success and we decided to further strengthen our collaboration by developing our stands with Van Straaten in early 2016. Additionally, we will jointly create the Design Center in Eindhoven.“


Every year, Leolux is present at the IMM trade fair. “Our furniture is pure craftsmanship and is only supplied based on orders,” says Gisella Groenewoud. “We like to emphasize our unique features in every contact with our customers. Leolux is present at the IMM every year, attracting  customers and dealers from around the world to add the new Leolux collection to their product range. We want to present the new collection in a unique way that also suits the Leolux brand experience. Van Straaten has the task of ensuring optimal brand experience through astonishing visual communication.”

For the realization of the stand, there was opted for a classic stand concept, which is constructed out of Octanorm profiles. These are aluminum profiles in which imprinted panels can be placed. The great benefits of working with a modular construction are low transport costs and flexibility in size and prints. This year, Leolux wanted to be even more visible at the fair, so they designed an eye catcher at the entrance of the stand with canvases placed on both sides for optimal  visibility.


The Leolux Design Center is one of the showrooms of Leolux. The showroom is open to consumers and dealers, who are invited to bring their customers to the showroom to see the complete Leolux collection. Together with Leolux, Van Straaten has created a

unique visual brand experience in this showroom. Think of visual branding in the form of a flexible sidewall that bends along the round shape of the building.  The joint design of the Design Center, making use of the latest technologies and materials, has been another milestone in the collaboration between Leolux and Van Straaten.

Gisella Groenewoud is very pleased with the teamwork, “Van Straaten is just like Leolux, a dynamic family business. As with Leolux, craftsmanship is central. The company is not afraid to experiment with new solutions and ideas, often resulting in wonderful surprises. They use innovative materials and respond quickly to our questions. The pleasant contact over the years has been the base for this valuable collaboration. A partnership that we would like to expand further in the future.”

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