320 cm – 230 grs

Viroblock Textile is a unique material with virus-killing properties. Ensures that bacteria are killed and not carried on the material.

Ideal for indoor applications

Foldable and therefore easy to transport 

Powerful colors and matte appearance 

Fabric with virus-killing properties 

Viroblock Textile

Our ViroBlock Textile is a unique fabric in that it has virus-killing properties. This means that when the material comes into contact with bacteria or a virus, the fabric automatically resists and even kills viruses.

The advantage of virucidal properties  

Textiles provide the most basic protection for the body in many cases, providing comfort and well-being. But it also provides a large host surface for all kinds of viruses, some of which are harmful to textiles or humans. ViroBlock Textile ensures that these and these viruses do not live on the textile for days to months and multiply rapidly!

Foldable and wrinkle resistant

Thanks to our special sublimation printing technique, the print features the most powerful colors. An additional advantage is that Viroblock Textile can be folded and the print is crease-resistant. This makes transport at all times easy and compact in a handy box. By the way, do not be alarmed when you receive the canvas with folding. Once you attach the fabric to the frame, the folds will no longer be visible in no time.

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