320cm – 70grs

VoileTex is suitable for making a beautiful net curtain fabric. Often used for window coverings or curtains.

Suitable as a net curtain thanks to high transparency 

Soft, supple and airy fabric 

Print visible on two sides

VoileTex fabric

VoileTex is a soft, airy fabric weighing only 70 grams and is ideally suited for net curtains. Because of this, the fabric is often used as window coverings or as a replacement for curtains because it is translucent. The voile fabric has maximum print width of no less than 314 cm.

Allows natural light into a room  

One of the biggest advantages of voileTex is that it is slightly see-through, meaning it still allows natural light through while still providing privacy. This makes it ideal window coverings for bedrooms or living rooms where you want some privacy but still want plenty of light to shine through.

Prints visible on two sides  

Due to the fact that VoileTex is translucent and airy, the print becomes visible on two sides thanks to our print-through technology. This makes both the front and back sides vibrant and can ensure an intense experience.

Simplicity in maintenance and installation  

Another great advantage is the simplicity of maintenance of VoileTex. For example, it can be washed and ironed. It is also lightweight, which means it is easy to install using rings or hooks.

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