The new normal?

Social distancing and crowd control measurements seem to become the new normal, where physical contact and human interaction are separated by an invisible 6 feet barrier.

One can imagine that in convention centers, museums, stores, salons, hospitals or businesses where there will be some sort of client interaction, additional measurements are required.

Social Distancing Solutions

CEES SMIT has developed a new solution to create room dividers. We all know the plexi glass sneeze guards, but they are bulky and can easily damage or break.

As we expect that there may be a shortage of plexiglass due to delivery issues, we have added a new material to our collection;
Transparant, flexible, rollable pvc, which is flame retardant and can be wiped clean.
The material fits to our proprietary aluminum frames, and we have standardized this to fit existing modular frame systems like beMatrix, Agam or Aluvision, so one can easily create separation walls and room dividers.

Any of these frames can also be covered with graphics on textiles or hard substrates, up till 16 feet seamless. Using room dividers, separation wall and crowd control barriers will help protect employees and customers at work spaces and public places.

Anti Bacterial Materials

We have developed solutions for areas that require the highest hygiene levels. With the use of anti bacterial materials up to 10 feet wide, entire walls or ceilings can be covered, optionally with sound absorbing materials placed behind it if more privacy is required.

How can we help you?

CEES SMIT can create room dividers and separation walls quickly, based on a few criteria:

  • What frame dimension is required?
  • Will frame need wheels or feet?
  • What material type is desired (textile, rigid, pvc)?
  • Will material be sheer, opaque, blockout, or a combination?
  • Will material need printing or not?
  • Will material need openings?

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