Social Distancing

The new, better designed normal

There’s no escaping COVID-19. Or other flus and viruses in the future. Which means that we are not allowed to get too close to friends, family, colleagues and other people. Social distancing is the order of the day and we are still not used to the new normal. Therefore, offices, shops, restaurants, hospitals, museums and all other places where people come together need to be rethought and redesigned.

Van Straaten introduces new and better designed solutions for the new normal. Our APX Spaces™ range consists of smart and flexible solutions for organisations, shops, sports facilities and other public spaces. In fact, any space that needs partitions and/or cubicles. For each category, we have researched the specific challenges that need to be addressed. So we can offer the right solutions in each area, tailored specifically to your needs. Including materials with an antiviral and antibacterial treatment. Check out our website to learn more about APX Office, APX Gym and APX Public spaces.

Van Straaten has a long history, more than 100 years now. That not only means that we can offer a wide range of solutions in these times of social distancing, but also, over the years we have built a wealth of experience in designing partitions and room dividers. Which means we can provide safe environments that look good too. So it’s not just short-term emergency solutions, but a long-term investment. And that’s quite sensible if you look at the development of the coronavirus situation.


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