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Led Lightboxes

At Van Straaten we offer standard and customised solutions. The standard solutions, including tarpaulins, are delivered worldwide. If you have specific requirements, we can tailor the luminous signage, such as LED displays andLED  lightboxes, precisely to your lighting needs. In our German factory, we manufacture lighting and luminous animations tailor-made for you. Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience of our experts, combined with our in-house framing facilities, we can deliver the desired luminous solutions for every project.

The benefits of LED Lightboxes

Luminous solutions, that are illuminated from behind or from within, bring your brand to life in a powerful way. They stand out from standard signage and are real eye-catchers. They can highlight a special instore promotion or make illuminated shop windows a real attraction at night, all in your brand colours. Did you know that RGB signage lighting with a dimmer can produce over four billion colour combinations? Illuminated signage can attract customers, show visitors the way and put your business in the limelight 24/7.

Another possibility is to make LED lightboxes appear animated. Think of spinning motorbike wheels, flashing car headlights or people moving behind a shop window. And of course “animated” logos, your brand’s for example.

The latest LED technology adds an extra dimension to your company’s communication. All our light boxes are available in single-sided and double-sided variants, which you can mount on the wall, hang from the ceiling or freely positioned.

Click here for inspiration. See the illuminated signs we’ve made for our customers.

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Add dynamic content to backlit graphics with the use of LED animation.



myLEDGO is a versatile backlit display system. No tools needed for assembly.


Single sided light boxes can be used on walls, ceilings, or can be free standing.


Double sided light boxes can be used on ceilings, or can be free standing.


Frames can be internally lit using a special profile for 3D cubic shapes.

1-sided lightbox

Available in 50, 60, 90, 120 mm deep profiles.

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor supported
  • Hanging

Internally lit

Available in 3D Lightbox 160 mm Carre profile.

  • Lightweight profile
  • No cross bars visible

2-sided lightbox

Available in 100, 120, 160, 200 mm deep profiles.

  • Floor supported
  • Hanging