Buy or rent? You decide

The current economic climate makes it more necessary than ever to be clever with your marketing budget. You need marketing, but where is the smart money being spent? These days, booths and stands for trade shows are more often than not custom-made. That means that there is no necessity to store materials which you won’t be using again.

Van Straaten thinks with you. We offer a rental program suited to your situation and fitting to your budget. When renting is more cost effective you can rent the frames from us. The modular properties of our sustainable aluminium frames allow you to create any height or width. When you’ve finished with it, we’ll dismantle it and take it away.

If you think you will be using the frames on a more regular basis we can sit down together, to calculate when it makes sense to purchase the frame. Part of our advice might be to suggest using the same size canvases on a regular basis. Then it makes more sense to buy the frame. It’s up to you, whatever is best for your business and your pocket.

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CS-S27 Series:

  • 27mm / 1-1/16″
  • silver anodized
  • single sided
  • wall mounted

CS-D44 Series:

  • 44mm / 1-3/4″
  • silver anodized
  • double sided
  • freestanding
  • hanging

Smart Design

Simplicity is the key to success. The CS-S27 and CS-D44 Series consist of only a few different types of parts, that can be connected into countless configurations.


Both CS-S27 and CS-D44 Series can be customized as desired, and can be fully integrated with any of our other proprietary aluminum extrusions and light boxes.

Large Inventory

Our bulk inventory allows us to supply multiple tradeshows and events simultaneously across the nation. We offer pre-installation and transportation of frames.