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So Flat Displaybanner 106 – UV 160 cm

Specially developed for roll-up displays where the print should not show through. Often used in rollup banners.
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    So Flat Displaybanner 106 – UV 160 cm – 440 grs
    The So Flat Display banner is a specially developed material for roll-up displays. In combination with the non-translucent print, this PVC fabric is extremely suitable for use for rollup banners.

    Suitable for roll-up displays
    The composition of this material ensures that the print can easily be rolled up without being visible. Therefore, this material is often used in rollup banners or other displays with rollable properties to always go for the best result.

    Non-translucent print
    The color strength of a rollup banner must be powerful. Therefore, it is important that properties of the environment do not affect the message. Thanks to a special light-blocking backing, So Flat Displaybanner does not shine through and the print comes out best in any environment.

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