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BlockOut Textile BlackBack 320 – DS 320 cm

3m sublimation print on blockout polyester material. Extremely suitable for large exhibition and event locations where expressions must not show through. This blockout stretch canvas is sustainably printed and is available in any size.
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    BlockOut Textile BlackBack 320- DS 320 cm – 260 grs
    The Blockout Textile Blackback 320 DS is suitable for use as a textile fabric that should not show through. This blockout fabric is a widely chosen material for quick and easy mounting of large visuals.  The material is light-blocking and is available in any size.

    Maximum print width
    This print can be produced with a maximum print width of no less than 320 centimeters. Do you have a canvas bigger than 320 centimeters? Then we recommend using the Blockout Textile Blackback 500 DS.

    Perfectly compatible with aluminum textile frames
    The material is often used as a tendon fabric in aluminum textile frames that are used freestanding or suspended. Thanks to the light-blocking function, internal components such as stabilizers or accessories are not visible because the print does not shine through.

    Also suitable for the very largest applications
    The canvas can also be used in the largest aluminum textile frame constructions and eyecatchers. If you have a question about special prints for eyecatchers, please contact our project team.

    Easy transport
    Thanks to our sublimation printing technique, the canvas can be effortlessly folded and easily transported. In combination with a tendon it is ideal for temporary applications. By the way, do not be alarmed when you receive the canvas with folds. When you attach the banner to the frame, the folds will disappear in no time.

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