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Our sutainable future

At Van Straaten we have been looking far into the future for 105 years. As a fourth-generation family business, we always focus on the long term. Sustainability is a crucial part of that. We are at least as ambitious in this area as in the quality of our work.

Sustainable branding
  • Realised ambitions

    Since 2015, we have been generating the majority of our energy needs through solar panels, almost exclusively offering sublimation prints with water-based ink and were pioneers in the development of the world’s first 5-metre sublimation printer. In October 2023, the second printer was set up to print it’s heart out.

  • Sustainable benefits

    Sublimation printing offers significant advantages over UV printing in terms of sustainability. Prints can be shipped folded, which takes up considerably less space (and therefore causes fewer CO2 emissions) than transport on a roll. The prints are odourless and because of the flexible inks they can also be included in our recycle and re-use programs.

  • Recycle and re-use programs

    At Van Straaten we believe that sustainability throughout the entire chain is important, and we are eager to take the lead in this. That’s why we’re investigating all options to set up an integrated recycle and re-use program, where we enable venues, event organisers and stand builders to collect the used prints, after which we then collect and reprocess.

Our sustainable promises

We are proud to be the first large format printing company that has been certified by the Climate Calc standards. Being able to measure our footprint at the industry standard helps our customers and brands in officially calculating their branding’s footprint. On top of that all our productions are 100% energy neutral and we bring our sustainability to the next level by offering recycle and upcycle programs.

Good can always be better

All our investments, further automation of our business processes and our product choices are always driven by the ambition to maximise sustainability. At the same time, we see that our clients want to be able to quantify their sustainability efforts. That’s why we had our entire product range certified by an independent, global certification body.

Complete and objective

The ClimateCalc recommended by the FESPA Nederland Association is designed to provide precise information on the CO2 impact of graphic products from a lifecycle perspective. It provides our industry with a complete, objective method to compare and improve our products and efforts.

Together towards a sustainable future

At Van Straaten, we believe in the power of collaboration. Sustainability, like many other things, must be a joint effort within the industry. We realise that every sustainability effort we make at a product or company level has measurable positive effects on the footprint of a trade show or event. Do you have ideas, plans, or suggestions on how we can further assist you in your sustainability goals? We would love to hear them!

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