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Mobile Branding

Striking pop-up branding

At Van Straaten, we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences by presenting products in unique and remarkable ways. Through collaborations with brands, creative partners, designers, and architects, we offer innovative mobile branding solutions that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Van Straaten has the perfect solution for every mobile branding challenge. Our options for mobile branding are truly limitless.

At Van Straaten, we also provide revolutionary display systems in collaboration with leading brands. An example of this is LEDUP, an illuminating display system equipped with high-quality OSRAM LED technology. With exceptional brightness and easy installation, LEDUP allows you to elegantly present your products.

For those seeking larger displays, we introduce BIG LEDUP, the largest portable lightbox on the market. With a maximum height of three meters and a width of five meters, BIG LEDUP offers endless design possibilities thanks to its modular system. The convenient storage in a hard case makes it a breeze to transport and set up.

Our product range is further expanded with LEDUP Counter, a mobile counter system featuring two illuminated display areas for impressive presentations. The easy assembly, durable ABS transport case, and versatile applications make it an ideal solution for trade shows and events.

For those who want to create stunning structures, we offer Multitower, a versatile 3D profile system designed for easy LED lighting and effortless transport. Whether used with or without LED illumination, these profiles provide endless possibilities for impressive displays.

Feel free to explore our products section to discover our full range.

Our mobile branding solutions prioritize ease of installation and transport. These custom-made displays can be used and reused, every time and anywhere you need them. They are smart presentation systems that stand the test of time and cost-effectiveness.

Big LedUp

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