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Van Straaten for museum Branding & visitor attractions

Van Straaten has long been a trusted partner for professionals who are involved with Museum Branding & visitor attraction. Over the years we have worked with architects, designers, agencies and builders, creating and producing hundreds of out of the box experiences for all kinds of museums and visitor attraction. The secret of a great museum fit out is to leave a lasting impression and creating an engaging environment. In other words a experience that is talked about and shared socially with friends. We executed many museums & visitor attraction branding projects and fit outs by using innovate print production and display techniques.

Cultural design

Museum, theatre and art gallery branding is sometimes not given the respect and attention it deserves. Many are world famous, precisely because of their design and branding. The Tate Modern in London, MoMA in New York or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, to name but three. We are proud to say that a real Van Straaten also hangs in the Rijksmuseum. We were allowed to “fake” a Rembrandt, of course with the gallery’s permission.

The quality of Rembrandt. Something for you?

The quality and service we offered to the Rijksmuseum is the same as we offer to all our clients. The largest visuals, the most sustainable printer, customised and tailor-made basic materials. The crème de la crème for museums, theatres and art galleries. They deserve nothing less.

Rembrandt Remastered

Rembrandt’s work is celebrated worldwide. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the opportunity to come to Amsterdam and admire his paintings. With the project “Rembrandt Remastered”, his work was digitally copied, so that it could be exhibited all over the world. Van Straaten’s task was to remaster Rembrandt’s most famous painting, The Night Watch.

This is not only his most famous painting, but also his biggest. Our 5m wide sublimation printer – the widest in the world – was the perfect choice to print the remastered painting. And there are more similarities: just like Rembrandt, we too have an eye for detail. We printed our Rembrandt version on specially selected material, just like the original. The Van Straaten Rembrandt is wider than the one in the Rijksmuseum. That’s because some strips of the original painting were cut off when it was transferred to the Royal Palace of Amsterdam in 1715.

The bigger picture

The experience of a museum is more than just the art hanging there. It’s about the total picture, down to the smallest detail. That’s why Van Straaten is not only there to reproduce works of art, but also to furnish the entire museum. Think: signing, pop-ups, partitions, temporary exhibitions or other concepts that can be highlighted in a unique and striking way. Van Straaten is also the right partner when it comes to the branding of the museum. With our solutions, we ensure that the same visual branding is implemented everywhere, in the same high quality.

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American Civil War Museum Exposition




Walking side by side with our customers along the creative landscape, and going through the creative process together, ultimately results in the most visually engaging brand experiences.


Understanding brands is the most important building block to successful branding. We put great emphasis to color management and details, to ensure messages getting across with great impact.


We are team players. We strongly believe in partnerships, and we see ourselves as an extension of our customers, providing them with ideas, and inspiring them with visual branding solutions.