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Van Straaten is your trusted partner for high end trade show booths Taking more care of trade shows

Taking more care of trade shows

Putting together a trade show booth can be an incredibly time-consuming and stressful process. It doesn’t have to be. Our approach is a partnership with the exhibition builders, helping them to manage the entire process for our clients. Design consultancy, project management, prepress and production of graphics, hanging signs, aluminium structures, finishing, pre-fitting, logistics and installation. We help take care of all of it, because we have all these disciplines under one roof. Well actually, three roofs, with branches in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. That’s how we have assisted in managing thousands of trade shows and pop-up stores all over Europe and the US for over forty years.

Taking more care of trade show booths

We specialize in trade shows using the latest technology. That includes 3D printing, electronic printing with one of the largest printers in the world and numerous options for animated LED and illuminated branding. All our exhibition concepts are built and pre-fitted prior to delivery, they are then fitted or installed on location. Because we oversee the whole process, we can guarantee that everything runs smoothly and on time. We can even protect your trade show from Murphy’s Law. When you work with Van Straaten, anything that can go wrong doesn’t go wrong.

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