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Striking pop-up branding

The key to experiential marketing? Creating memorable, personal and shareable moments to actively engage audiences with your brand. It’s no longer just a part of the marketing plan, today it drives strategy for everything from pop-up stores to global conferences. What once was a campaign aimed at the consumer, has now completely entered the world of business-to-business. Where we are constantly looking for new ways to showcase products in a unique and eye-catching way with pop-up branding.

Van Straaten specialises in 360° sustainable visual branding. By working directly with brands, creative partners, designers and architects, we create unforgettable experiences, indoors and outdoors. Textile frames, slim frames, matrix frames, textile pop-up frames, freestanding light boxes, pixelated pop-ups, pop-up stands, exhibition and indoor displays, outdoor displays, roll-up banners, beach wings… You name it, the possibilities of pop-up branding are literally endless. Another new solution is the revolutionary display system from one of our partners, multiframe , which is equipped with the latest OSRAM LED technology. Perfect for illuminating larger displays and creating stylish mood elements in large rooms. Another fantastic partner product: PIXLIP GO. The world’s first mobile, backlit presentation system made of plastic.

Beach wings (or beach flags) are great eye-catchers for brand activations at car dealers and garden centres, or for promotions at fast food chains and restaurants. Using our technical and creative skills, we tailor them precisely to your brand.

Mobile branding makes it a lot easier to realise many marketing ideas. For example, you can set up a pop-up store in no time at all, but just as quickly take it down and set it up somewhere else.

Our solutions for mobile branding focus on ease of installation and transport. These customised displays can be used and reused, again and again. Whenever and wherever you need them. They are smart presentation systems that pass the test of time and cost-effectiveness with flying colours.

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CART MART: Storage Pop-up

CART MART: Storage Pop-up


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Toolless setup

Mobile branding solutions are designed in such a way that no special tools are needed for setup.

Many configurations

Mobile branding solutions require no specialized knowledge, and can be installed very easily.

Lightweight frames

Mobile branding solutions are designed in such a way that they can be taken anywhere, due to the compact size.